“Those who stick by your side through your worst times are the ones who deserve to be with you through your best times.”

It’s easy to have people in your life when things are going good but what about when the going gets tough? Are the same ones still around? Can you count on your fingers and toes who’s willing to lend a helping hand or is that when the crickets come out?

The funny thing is that only when adversity presents itself is when you know who is truly in your corner. Only then is when you know who has your back or when people’s selfishness surface. You can look at that as hurtful (and initially it is) but the truth is it’s a blessing in disguise. Why would you want disingenuous people in your life? I’d rather have a handful of quality people in my life who are loyal than a hundred who I couldn’t trust. That includes family.  Family aren’t always loyal either. Blood relation doesn’t automatically grant someone trustworthiness, that’s something that should always be earned regardless of kinship. 

Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life. The greatest example we can learn from………….”Hitler had millions of followers Jesus had 12.”

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A negative mind will never give you a positive life. I choose to promote what I love. I choose to see the bright side in every situation.

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