“You need to trust your truth, it is your soul speaking directly to you.”

Do you trust your inner wisdom? Do you know your own truth or are you always second guessing yourself?

This is the year that I decided to start trusting myself….I mean REALLY trusting myself. I’ve been saying for months that I was gonna rid myself of clutter including people who no longer serve me & I intend on keeping that promise to myself.

Well I recently met some “friends” of a family member & I didn’t get a good feeling about them the first time around but I didn’t want to let my initial impression put me off. After a few get togethers, it turns out, my instincts were right on point & these people are really not who I want to be around. Let’s just say they don’t have the most positive mind frame. Everything out of their mouth is filled with vulgarity & negativity. I don’t want to spend my time with people who are so negative that they bring my energy level down & for the sake of not hurting my family members feelings I’m the one who has to sacrifice my good vibes. I just can’t do it, this is where I draw the line.

I’m not interested in having a large circle of people in my life, whether it be family or friends. Quality is more important to me than quantity. I’d rather have a small core group of people who make me feel wonderful than have a large group of people who I can’t even be myself with.

So my intention is to speak my truth & the next time my family member attempts to have a “meet up” involving these “friends” I will say no. I cannot sacrifice my good energy, something I’ve worked so hard to find, just to lose it again for the sake of not hurting other people’s feelings who probably don’t give the first shit about me in the first place.

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A negative mind will never give you a positive life. I choose to promote what I love. I choose to see the bright side in every situation.

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