“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith”

bow and arrow legs

So my son hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of months. The scan in February showed he was Cancer free. When he was hospitalized in March, it showed the Cancer came back and spread to his Spleen & Lungs. He’s now on a different Cancer treatment to treat it more aggressively. Thankfully, my son takes everything with a grain of salt. He told me as long as he feels no pain he’ll be fine.

Over the last year I’ve learned a lot of difficult lessons, one lesson is trusting Gods plan even when the future seems uncertain. I prayed for my son to feel no fear & to feel no pain and I asked for strength for myself. So far I’ve been granted all these things.

I have faith that God will get us all through this. So far he’s done a really good job at keeping us strong. One day at a time is the phrase I’ve been living by these days.

“Faith is the only thing I know of that is stronger than fear.”